Santa Cruz Skateboards – The Spring Collection – Available Now!

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Skateboards is back with their striking Spring 21 apparel and accessories collection.

With six defined capsules the collection is loaded with variety, from reworked flagship and core classics, to sustainable organic styles, subtle tonal offerings and the distinctive graphics of legendary artist, Jim Phillips.

Since their introduction in 1973, the much loved Santa Cruz graphics have ensured the brand’s products are instantly recognisable, and it’s no different this season.

The ‘Classic’ capsule, which features the always popular Classic Dot and Screaming Hand, treats the Dressen Puppy Deck to a fresh new Dot design, while also picking out the familiar Sunflowers for a facelift. The result is a new eye-catching repeat pattern. Japanese artist Mako’s amazing matchbox illustration from a recent Tom Remillard deck also features on a t-shirt for the first time. This season’s ‘Classic’ guest artist spot is filled by Chicago based Chuck Anderson/NoPattern, who is responsible for the collections hypnotic-like designs.

The ‘Organics’ story continues in Spring 21 by embracing more sustainable practices in a continued effort to limit their ecological impacts. In addition to the Moon Dot and Scream Ying Yang styles, the graphics of guest artist BigFootOne have been introduced into designs including a unique reworking of the Screaming Hand. Produced in Portugal with 100% organic cotton, every piece in the collection is made using less water, chemicals and energy in both its production and printing compared to traditional methods. By supporting organic farming and OEKO-TEX approved printing, the ‘Organics’ range subscribes to higher ethical standards with long-term benefits for not only the environment but also the health of workers and ultimately the end consumer.

The ‘SCB’ capsule takes Santa Cruz’s favoured concept of bold ideas, vivid colours and graphics but does it with more tonal and minimised colour palettes. The toned-down colours are contrasted with darker and tougher themes, with this season’s graphics inspired by a visit to the NHS archive. The capsule is in collaboration with UK artist Liane Plant. Liane’s work reigns in a love for intricate detail, inspired by gothic architecture and early skateboard graphics. Seeing Jim Phillips artwork in a skate mag at 15 years old inspired her to become an artist later in life.

Spring 21 also see’s the continuation of the graphics laden ‘Speed Wheels’ capsule, which celebrates the golden era of Santa Cruz Skateboard wheels (1985-1991), better known as Speed Wheels. Concluding the collection are the staple Santa Cruz pieces which form the ‘Core’ capsule and the ‘Youth’ capsule which adopts some of the most popular classic designs like the Classic Dot and Screaming Hand.

The Santa Cruz Spring 2021 collection is rounded off with backpacks, socks and hats and is available to shop online at


Santa Cruz