HA!!! The King is Bizzzzack!! Welcome to the King of Trainers 1st Top 5 of 2015 and Today we have a look at the ‘Top 5 Most anticipated Sneakers of 2015’ can you guess what will make the number 1 spot?


5. The Nike ACG OG Mowabb Colourways…

With a release like this one coming in 2015 the nostalgia will make you go broke especially if Nike decide to release all the OG colours and there is A LOT but the King is really just waiting for the tan and the purple.. or maybe the black leather lol I can’t decide… Just got to wait and see slated for late Feb / March


4. The Asics GL3 25th Anniversary –

Now this is definitely one to look out for and you are gonna get aTrapped Magazine exclusive right now, listen but don’t tell anyone…Shhh I have heard a rumour that the pictures floating around last year of the Marble Collette GL3’s (pictured) are the actual collaboration that is going to come out as part of the Anniversary Collection the date is June 24th 2015. This is gonna be a long and patient wait but I am sure it will be worth it 


3. Nike Air Jordan 4 30th Anniversary Laser

If you know the King The King loves his Jordan 4’s and with the retros coming out, there are also some new colourways and these Laser 4’s which are accompanied with Jordan 1’s as part of the ‘Anniversary Pack’ are going to be a crazy release, the pictures an sample pairs have got the internet going crazy and I feel the same, there is no release date scheduled but keep locked to Trapped Magazine for any updates cause they will have the release date 1st.


2. Kanye West Adidas Air Yeezi –

How can one man have so much power??? Or in this case, how can one sneaker have so much power?… Love the man or hate the man you know your waiting to see these… When he says that he dropped the biggest Trainer of all time he was right! yup the King said it who has dropped a more hyped trainer than him? In my opinion Nike should have given him what he wanted, but that’s the way it goes but now with the pending adidas collaboration its going to be a madness there are so many pictures floating of what’s not the trainer adidas and Mr West himself have released a picture of these so you know its gonna be a road block madness, we just have to wait and see I heard the rumour is March so lets see. I bet you thought these were gonna be number one but no your wrong…


The Nike MAG with Power Laces

DOC DOC… Marty… AHHHHHH If you know these names you know the Biggest Sneaker release that has the early 2015 Rumour mills running WILD is the potential release of the Nike Mag with full working power laces. They did release 1510 pairs in 2011 for charity and there has been a wall of silence from Nike as to whether the original ones will come out… The KING is stating this now this will shut down any release this year if it comes out… But mind you, you have to have that Money YO! These ain’t going to be cheap… The King has already ordered the accounts from Coutts to see if I can make a bid for these…. September 2015 is the date according to the Delorean Time Clock? Will your bank balance be going back to the future with these?

Hope you enjoyed the Kings Top 5 Most anticipated Drops of 2015 you guys may disagree but let us know leave your comments below.

Keep it Trapped.



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