Introducing London Based Clothing Brand ‘Knitty’

Knitty is a start up clothing brand established in 2019. Knitty features contemporary styles and casual/streetwear fusion caters for both functionality and chilling on the block such as Sweatshirts, Tees and Hoodies.

The brand’s mission statement is “To you, me and I. My friends, my followers and those who are yet to connect. My people [knittys]. I have been surrounded by you all my life [my knittys]. I have heard  your stories. You have taught me. You have helped me. I understand life better because of you. I understand your life better because of you. Becaue of us, we are what we are [Knittys]. The addiction is real, crack and ket, they laugh at us [I hear you my knittys]. We’re no different to the socialites, the white collars, the boys in blue, the poets, the story-tellers [We’re all knittys]. Likes and love, beer and bud, coke and coins, pussy and pills, needs and noodles, who you fooling? [No stopping the knittys]. They don’t know the life we have lived [context], the trauma we’ve experienced [calm], the illness that fucks witih the dome [Dr Knitty]. Now is the time to embrace [Respect knittys] it’s time to smash the system, spread peace, show kindness: Hello happy face [Hello Knitty] Fist call, last call, only call [attention Knittys]. Calling my soul-lusters, my mind-movers, my dopamine-gang-bangers, my creative shottaz to finally yield >>>>>>>>>> [K.N.I.T.T.Y]”

Knitty’s first photo shoot took place in the streets of Belleville, Paris. Krishan met up with a few guys who were happy to shoot the clothing as they believed in the brand ethos and wanted to play a part in it. The next day an impromptu shoot was set up in a local skate park, using the railings as hangers and teens aged 17-18 reconfirmed the organic street feel of the street wear shoot creatively directed by Krishan himself.

The brand aims to hone in on the three main points, COMMUKNITTY (community) UKNITTY (Unity) & HUMAKNITTY (Humanity).

Check out the site here and let us know your thoughts.