BT Has Bought EE



BT is now the proud owner of EE, for a price of £12.4m, making it one of the leading telecommunication providers in the game.

With the discontinuation of Orange Wednesdays in February 2015 just announced we knew that something new was on the cards from the Mobile provider that came in the game by merging both T-mobile and Orange,and wiping the floor with their great mobile packages.

You might be thinking that aside from the money involved, why would EE want to go with BT? Well, BT is a leading telecommunications [landlines] and broadband provider in the UK and can bring a whole new customer base. 

What does it mean for us?  Can you imagine the exclusive deals & packages that could come out of this collaboration? We’re talking cheaper contract deals, faster broadband and possible rewards with BT sponsors such as Nectarcard.

Words: Miamii Mansour


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