Banksy Artwork removed for being ‘offensive’


Last week world renowned street artist Banksy unveiled his latest piece in Clacton-on Sea, Essex.

The £400,000 politically controversial piece shows a group of pigeons holding up xenophobic signs displaying obscenities such as “Go back to Africa”, directed at an exotic swallow. It has since been removed by the district council due to complaints of it being “Offensive and racist”.

The provocative mural confronts the issue of racism and intolerance which locals believe could have been sparked by the local MP’s defection to UKIP; as well as the growing concern of immigrants flooding into the UK.

The instantaneous response to get rid of the art highlights that even in this present day, people still walk around with their fingers in their ears; refusing to address the recurring issue of racism. Has Banksy gone too far or has our generation chosen to ignore the discrimination that we withhold as a society.

Words: Sanna Hamasaied

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