Undoubtedly one of the most exciting acts to have emerged in Drum & Bass in recent years, Voltage(Cabin Fever) is in huge demand as a DJ, producer and label owner. this exciting new producer is killing it on every single angle and now he’s doing it with Urban Agency our Resident Bass Music Writer DJ Melinki caught up with Voltage to find out about his activity over the last year.

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    How did you get into Drum and Bass and what have you achieved on your journey so far?

    I got into Oldskool Jungle in 93 when a friend gave me a tape of  Dj Randall’s set at the edge with his mix of  ‘Noise Factory’s ‘I bring you the future’ after I heard that I haven’t look back just been doing my thing. I’ve been producing under the name Voltage with the Cabin Fever UK Collective for the last five years.

    What was the first track you produced that made you realise your Music could turn into a career?

    I think when I made a tune called Fading love on a small digital label called Multi Function and it got a bit of support I thought yeh actually I should stick at this.

     Who are your Top 3 favourite producers in the game right now? 

    That’s a tough one!! Calibre, Pleasure and Serum get more than one play out of me every set so possibly them.

     The mighty Andy C played  ‘Hard Going’ at a live set, how did the track come about and most importantly how did it get into the hands of Andy C?

    ‘Hard Going actually started out as another track intended as a remix for someone- they didn’t feel it was right for the project so I found the female vocal, dropped that in there, took out the remix parts, done some editing and then ‘Hard Going’ was born!! It got to Andy C through Malachai who I used to work under Cabin Fever with,he knew Andy from his Nightbreed days at Ram, so he passed him the track and the rest as they say is history….


     You were part of the collective Cabin Fever, and seemingly, were on a roll, what made you decide to go it alone?

    A lot of the tunes were just my own productions and having already signed some solo projects in the past year to Innerground, C.I.A, Spearhead etc I thought the time was right for me to return to a solo career

    Can you tell us your top 3 pieces of studio equipment / software for making Music with? 

    TLA Fat Track, UAD BX Saturator and Moog slim Phatty

    You are one of very few producers who seem to maintain respect on both sides of the Drum and Bass scene, from labels such as Filth jump up to Smooth as you like Liquid, what would be your ideal label to sign exclusively to?

    I’m not really keen on exclusive signings, I understand the need to build a brand and that works for some people, but the producers who I really rate and look up to, i.e Total science, A.I, need for mirrors and Heist have the ability to go to any label and put their own twist on that labels sound and at an amazing level, which shows amazing skills for me…….. I would love to do a release on Metalheadz though-for me it is the ultimate goal in terms of serious underground Drum and Bass

    Big shouts to everyone who is pushing me and supporting me !!

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