The UK Music Scene is alive and UK Rap/Grime is playing a huge part in that with MOBO Nominations and remixes of tunes by US artists. The guys making the most noise in the scene right now are South London Rappers, they are Flashy Loud and very hungry. We look at a few upcoming South Londoners that are putting in hard work and making the UK Music scene pay attention:


We have nicknamed Stormzy the Shutdown kid cos that is what he doing in the scene right now shutting ish down!, BBC1 xtra had his tune ‘Not that Deep’  banging on every DJ’s show for weeks, His debut EP Dreamers Disease charted in the official charts at no 137, and Sormzy has shut down Notting Hill Carnival, Proud Camden, his Fire in the Booth Cypher session with 1xtra DJ Charlie Sloth as well as countless collabs with fellow rappers Bonkaz, Wretch 32 Youngs Teflon and more. His fierce flow, straight from the heart lyrics and sheer presence on the mic make this Rapper stand out he is a Lyricist and a performer whose Charisma and ability to relate with his listeners make him a Rapper to watch out for.

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Self proclaimed Godfather Corleone got our attention with his first visual ‘Poor Little Rich Kid’ ft Snap Capone from his Debut Mixtape ‘The Godfather’, showing that the levels of UK Rap had been lifted, with the swag, cars and jewellery making loud statements it was shocking to find that Corleone’s lyrical ability was even flashier and his lyrics were a description of an all too harsh reality in inner city London. Since that video Corleone a rapper from UK Record Label GB Records has teamed up with fellow rappers Blade Brown, Youngs Teflon and Big Chess with more visuals and brought the whole GB records team to shutdown Westwood crib sessions. With Lyrical content great visuals and a high work-rate Corleone should be on your playlists…

Follow Corleone on Twitter at @CorleoneGB 

Young Adz

Rapping since the age of 13 Young Adz is great inspiration for artists starting out that question whether hard work pays off. Having been cosigned by UK Rapper Chip in an interview and approached by countless UK record labels for his hard hitting rap lyrics and unique take on hustling at such a young age, Young Adz went down the independent route showcasing his talent on Linkuptv, SBTV and other UK platforms before being noticed and signed by US Rapper JadaKiss as part of Record Label D Block Europe, after touring with D Block in the US and featuring on Westwood Crib sessions he has come back and set fire to the UK Scene with Fire in the booth appearances and High quality visuals with fellow D Block Records artists and Geko, this guys flow and hunger for the game at just 18 should not be ignored, he is only just getting started, what’s to come is gonna be a madness…

Follow Young Adz on Twitter at @YoungAdz1

Section Boyz

Letting us know the state of the hood and what its like to be young and living on the roads is Section Boyz, a Rap collective consisting of Sleeks, Swift, Deepee, Reeko and Littles that makes bangers for the clubs but also tunes for the thinkers out there. The shows that the Section Boyz headline are always full of energy showing that they love the Music game and the crowds are already singing along to tunes such as ‘Bang’ ft Ghost and ‘Delete my number’ with countless collabs and material new material coming out every week they have to be the hardest working Rappers right now, if you like Road rap from people that are out there in the field these rappers should hold your attention…

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Tearing up the Freestyle scene right now is Bonkaz a clever Lyricist ,confident performer and hard worker, theres no denying this guy what he wants, which is success in an industry crowded with clones and one hit wonders. Its refreshing to see this guy do his thing live, even when he’s supporting other UK artists such as Stormzy and Youngs Teflon his personality and passion for Music shines through gassing up the crowd and keeping the energy high. Tunes that give you an insight into what he will do when its E.P and Album time are ‘My Mind’ and ‘Let Go’,…

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Snap Capone

UK Rap was beginning to attract a lot of hard to believe dubious characters with lazy flows and empty promises, that was until this guy popped up, Snap Capone oozes hype, excitement and Action, he makes you live his stories of Prison struggle and Hustling to get away from where he has come from, Snap Capones Debut Mixtape the ‘The Memoir’ showcased his ability to get people gassed and up off their sofas whilst also giving us content that shows he really values what we all value, loyalty from his squad, progression and status amongst an environment that only respects harsh treatment, as well as the memoir Snap has collaborated with fellow UK rappers Snekabo, Corleone and Fekky and sprayed fierce freestyles on LinkupTv, Westwood Crib Sessions and Charlie Sloths Fire in the streets.. for that high energy driving through the hood music slap in some Snap Capone…

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