Wreck Clothing- UK Streetwear


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Founded in 2012, Wreck Clothing has managed to establish itself quickly as a luxury streetwear brand thanks to their abstract designs and versatile pieces. This year saw the 17 year old founder release a capsule collection of over-sized t-shirts that range from bold logos and leather detailing to the more abstract digitally reworked prints. The brand holds a unique approach to prints, with inspiration stemming from both art and architecture, including the statues of London, that are then printed onto soft, sports luxe fabric that ensures high quality clothing. Even with such abstract prints, the designs remain extremely wearable-from being layered up to being worn simple for a clean, urban vibe.

The new capsule collection can be found at www.wreckclothing.co.uk

wreck 1


wreck 3

Words by Katie Maloney

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