The UK has a fresh face on the R&B scene and he is already being compared to US ladies idol Trey Songz, His name is Kane and he has already performed at DJ Cameo’s Summer Love Festival the Indigo club O2 and toured Aiya Napa with a host of UK and US artists including Tinie Tempah, Angel and R&B sensation Ashanti. Kane has just released a club banger featuring UK Rapper Sneakbo titled ‘Turn it Up’ we got time to sit down with Kane and find out a little bit more.

Tell us about yourself, how did you get into the industry?

I started singing at the age of 14, I would sing everywhere and even sing myself to sleep (laughs). At 15, after having vocal lessons for 6 months and gaining confidence in myself, my grandad who was an artist manager contacted his friend from the Industry, Marcus Beats (Underground Hit Factory) who helped me write and record my first song called ‘Dreams’We have kept it going from there.

Who would you say your all time inspiration would be?

My granddad, he is the one that made me see an insight into music. To see him around it all the time, made me want it.

What sets you apart from everybody else?

I combine rapping with singing to create a different flow and I’m trying to push that a bit more so when people hear my flow they’ll be like that’s Kane!

What is the message behind turn it up?

It is about people having fun, letting their hair down and just being themselves without worrying about anything else. Its one of those songs, that when you hear it, it puts you in that vibe to go and party.

How does it feel to be with your management UHF?

Its good because I know I’ve got that support, its like family, I am comfortable, they’ve been with me from day one.

What is in the pipeline for 2014?

More music, I’ve got another tune lined up, it’s called ‘Survivor’,  promoting the positive message of  anti bullying. We are in the process of making the video for it and Ill also be in Ayia Napa this summer, cant wait to go and turn it up [Laughs].

To keep upto date with Kane’s Musical journey follow him on Twitter at @kaneUHF

Words by Tia Baker

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