So the King is back in the building with a different Top 5 today! If you haven’t noticed online websites are starting to dominate the UK Sneaker market you have 100’s of sites now that you can go to get that Fresh! (Lol Old school lingo there way over you youngens heads). Anyway today here are the Top 5 sites in my humble opinion where you can go… and I have narrowed it down to the UK I will do an international one soon but there are so many out there that may have to be a top 100 lol.


 5. Footlocker Europe

Hold On Hold On…Before you throw shots at me wait, wait I know the website functions are… er… umm not so good is my Conservative answer. But you have to admit when they do, do a restock and you are 1st to act you can get yourself a dope pick up, plus they have some crazy undercover joints on there that you can cop plus 100’s of exclusive colourways, for example the Black Huaraches and TN’s  that are exclusive to Footlocker.


 4. Size?

 This site is on the list for their sale stock. Damn when these guys to sales they do sales. And they are quick to do it even on their exclusives. Plus they have a huge range for all ages men and women and kids so they deffo get a mention.


 3. Sole Believer –

Ok so this is the only re-seller site I am adding to this list and my reasons for adding a re-seller is Number 1; they are very cool guys and number 2 their resell price is so on point its scary ( I personally think they have a secret QS account lol ). How many re-sellers do you know that will have kicks for £20 to £35 above retail and some mad heat too when everyone else is adding 100, 200 to even 300 on top and if you don’t believe me do your research. Plus they have a great service too.


 2. Main Source –

This is a new site to me that my dude @Badjuju1 schooled me to, even though they been doing their thing for a hot minute I haven’t bought anything here myself, but they make the number 2 for two reasons, they have some really nice sales, but they also preview the stuff they are getting in mad early!! For example the Asics Brazil Pack, they must of released that picture on their site about 7 months before they actually came out!! They are also very subtle with it but I know they got that heat.


1. End Clothing –

Ok this site is my number 1 simply because their service is second to none, full stop. Have you ever ordered anything from End? WOW they send you email updates, text updates, aftercare updates to make sure you are happy, not to mention they do Free delivery  plus their dope delivery box! Also another slight bonus is they have mad collaborations that do actually end up on the site! I have to say they are the number 1 for me in my humble opinion.

That’s it that’s my Top 5 and Oh I didn’t get paid by any of the above to be added to the list. – And yes this is a mish-mash, but I will be doing an independents one soon, so don’t kill the King for his choices…

This has been the King and this has been the Kings Top 5. Peace Until Next week!

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