Seems like this is Huarache season now and Nike can’t do no wrong.

photo3 5. The  Charcoal Black / Lime Green / White colourway

With a slight speckle on the sole these go off! hopefully they will be available everywhere and not in limited numbers like the White Huaraches smh Lool


 4. Nike Air Huarache LE – Olive – Black – Blue (Size? Exclusive)

 This seems to be a Size? exclusive Colourway coming soon , which takes a nice Olive colour with a touch of cove for the writing detail on the tongue and a white midsole… I hope this colour runs for all sizes not just mens and not just women’s


 3. Wms Nike Air Huarache Ore- Laser Crimson – Grape – Grey (Footlocker exclusive)

These are crazy niice!  with a purple sock ,dark grey body and a marble pink strip  plastic strap  these are definitely in the Top 5 for the ladies, but let’s pray they increase the size range for us guy’s

(Image @jam35_mac3)


 2. Nike Air Huarache – Black

These seem to be the new black colourway that is coming out in the next couple of months which won’t be a footlocker exclusive like the last triple black release, this looks ok from this shot with the outer body looking more charcoal than a deeper black which is interesting.


1. Nike Air Huarache Light beige – Laser Crimson

 These are more of a coming soon to these UK release, they are already out in Australia. OZ? you ask, Huh? How does that even work? lol well OZ did bring you the Sneaker Bible which is Sneaker Freaker Magazine and now it seems  that are they getting all the good Huarache Colourways 1st!! Well these are straight fire nice light tan upper with crimson sole/detail  and a lightly speckled sole… I think Nike are starting to realise that if you throw some speckles on a Huarache you’re winning.

Here’s a fun Huarache Fact for all of you who don’t know where the word comes come from— Huaraches (from the original warachi, also known as Purepecha or Tarascan , singular huarache) are a type of Mexican sandalPre-Columbian in origin, they gained popularity and notability from their use by the 1960s hippie generation.

Just Saying !

This has been the King and this has been the Kings Top 5. Peace Until Next week!

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