The King is in the Trapped Magazine building again like clock work!! Hope you are all well and enjoying the weather, it’s a scorcher here in London for all our international readers!! And speaking of sun this is the type of weather that makes you wanna Un-DS everything (Sneaker talk for wear all your new unworn footwear and basically instagram it and show off) but the problem with that is you may go to a party which we do in Summer and someone may step on your clean white Air Force ones, ouch!… But don’t despair the King is here with a Top 5 of the best sneaker cleaning accessories around.

5. Sneaky Wipes 

This is a company that burst onto the cleaning scene at the last Crepe City 10 event with an amazing set up, girls in tight t-shirts cleaning your kicks you can’t get better than that really! Oh did I mention the wipes are pretty dope too? They come in a slick black pack ready and moist for you to wipe any scuffs off your kicks this summer.

 4. Reshoevn8r 

Now this is an American emerging cleaner that hasn’t broken the UK market yet but they are the only cleaning kit that has shoe horns and a full kit which really works. I mean no disrespect to the Americans but sometimes they bring out products and its more hype than actually quality, but this brand has come strong with a kit including a sneaker bag. This product is available  for the 1st time in the UK via www, >


3. Liquiproof

Now this is a special product as it actually does what it says on the tin! have you seen their video? Damn!! And its good to see this is another UK business that is making great waves across the UK, the future is bright for this young company!


2. Jason Markk 

This is probably the daddy of cleaning kits, Jason Markk has been dominating the sneaker cleaning market for the past couple years and its only right cause the cleaner is dope! All you need is a little bit of the solution on your brush and you are nice! Everyone knows Jason Markk is a trusted and consistent cleaning solution and kit with soft and hard brushes in the collection, so your good with this one.


1. Crep Protect Cure

Now your thinking HOLD UP! what’s this? I aint heard of this, I thought Crep Protect only did a spray? HA! well as the British born company, headed by music artist J2K expands and evolves into providing bigger and better sneaker must haves, they have come hard with a complete cleaning kit with 2 brushes, a solution and a micro fiber cloth called the ‘CURE’ and boy it is definitely the cure. The King has had the privilege of being at the launch and getting the Kit, which I have already tested out and my GOD! Its gonna be a great addition to any sneakerheads cleaning closet, launching around the beginning of August make sure you Cure yourself lol.

Please note all products are available on new cleaning and accessories website:

Peace and remember to Keep it KING’ING!!

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