Nike SB Fit To Move lookbook 002

What happens when you let a bunch of skaters loose in a studio and tell them to dress themselves in a bunch of cool Nike SB clothes?

Fernando Bramsmark, Alex Olson, Luan Oliveira, Paul Rodriguez, and Theotis Beasley got to spend a fun day in a massive New York Studio creating the lookbook for Nike SB’s ‘Fit to Move’ AW14 Lookbook and video, they styled themselves and brought their boards showing that Fashion and fun do go hand in hand.

The collection merges Nike Technology with skate wear very well and also has been designed with detail as to how the logo’s are seen when the skater is doing tricks, for example the logos are not all on the front and back, some are down by the skaters ribcage and on their sleeves.

For the shoot itself 22 cameras were used in order to get a complete 360 view of the skaters each pulling off a 360 flip, showcasing the different style of skating each rider brings to the table by seeing them do the trick in their own way. The video is a good demonstration of the creativity now being combined with Lookbooks as it demonstrates and is based on the theme of motion.

Nike SB Fit To Move lookbook 004

Nike SB Fit To Move lookbook 007

Nike SB Fit To Move lookbook 009

Nike SB Fit To Move lookbook 012

Nike SB Fit To Move lookbook 019


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