After coming off of Social Media platform Instagram and being relatively quiet in the Media Rihanna has decided to make November her comeback month by reactivating her Instagram and appearing on the front cover of not one but two magazines. Rihanna started off by appearing on Elle’s Cover for a unique fashion look, however she has now grabbed the limelight and gone front cover for men’s magazine Esquire for a steamy photo shoot shot by Ellen Von Unweth.

Ellen and Rihanna have also worked together previously on her “Rated R” and “Talk that Talk” Album Promo shoots which also show the minimalistic side of Rihanna.

Esquire has also shot a behind the scenes video which you can watch here. If the photo’s  didn’t quite quench your thirst then this definitely will. The December issue of Esquire magazine is currently in stores now with revelations of Rihanna’s Favourite recipes.

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