When you think of University; student debt, cheap noodles and lack of sleep is what normally springs to mind. As true as that may be, there are so many more positives outweighing the negatives, so here are 6 reasons that student life is  the best!

People playing Monopoly

Independence –You have the overwhelming sense of freedom to do anything but you will most likely end up playing Monopoly with your flatmates on a Friday night.


The Degree – It was your decision, so you’ll be doing a course you enjoy. Also, you can’t help but feel smug when you tell people you’re at University!


NUS Card – You won’t even care about the terrible mug shot of you looking like a convicted criminal on your student ID. You will find yourself whipping it out to claim discounts on clothes, food, travel… literally everything.


Meeting different people – People that you will remember for the rest of your life; People from different backgrounds and different ages. You will meet people that you’ll hate or if you’re lucky, you could be 1 in 5 that find the love of their lives while at Uni…


Living and studying on foreign ground. – It’s a big world out there so explore it!


Memories–The crazy nights out and the eccentric lecturers will stay with you forever.

Words: Sanna Hamasaied

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