PUMA Wilderness Pack: Blaze of Glory ‘jungle’ & Disc Blaze ‘Mountain’


Size & Puma’s successful “Wilderness Pack” collection has released two new silhouettes, the ‘Jungle’ and the Disc Blaze Mountain’. Despite being part of a pack both sneakers have their own identities. inspiration for the ‘Blaze of Glory’ came from the Amazonian jungle, its forestation and wild inhabitants. This sneaker is built to last, able to endure the harshest of terrain’s and weather conditions. Its sandwich mesh base layer provides breathability in humid weather. The secondary suede layer acts as a carpet like moss. And the tough rubberised waterproof leather provides shelter in torrential rain.

The ‘Disc Blaze’ on the other hand is designed to endure tough landscapes, inspired by mountain terrains. The design features a heavy waxed canvas upper, showing off battle scars from tackling the wilderness. Evergreen trees were the inspiration for the front of the shoe which has an ice-green cage unit. Its brown sole signifies trampled branches and bark found in the forest, whilst the speckled mid-sole represent a looming blizzard. The PUMA x size? ‘Wilderness Pack’ Blaze of Glory Jungle & Disc Blaze Mountain drops on Saturday, August 2 at 8:00am online.

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Words: Chenade James

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