Fresh Art – Sneaker Art Event Hosted By Fresh Laces



Fresh Art is the new exhibition hosted by our friends at Fresh Laces, the ultimate sneaker and Lifestyle Company.

Pioneers of the art like David white, Parra & JBF customs have revolutionised how we see sneakers, customs and art, inspiring the up and coming talent of today.

This exhibition will be a platform for fresh, new artists to showcase their designs. On display will be the current flare and creativity that influences today’s vibrant sneaker culture and fashions.

This two day creative event will host live art, vivid graffiti and installations by featured artists such as; Tom Clapp Art, TyRemiArt, MregFX, Kicks on the Moon, Daniel Cordas, Foesone, TboArt, Dappo Adeola, Nancy Drew Artist, TripleZed, Charlie Palline, DBDS Customs, Mozart Circus plus many more.

All of this takes place at 5th base art gallery E1, On Saturday 16th and Sunday the17th of August

Words: Chenade Ashley



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