PUMA and CHINATOWN MARKET add irreverence to street-style


Sports company PUMA and Los Angeles-based CHINATOWN MARKET are joining forces to add a bit of irreverence to street style. With new drops of the FUTURE RIDER and a bold tote bag, the new collection is ready to take to the streets.

Riffing on PUMA’s recently introduced FUTURE RIDER, their newest collab features the FUTURE RIDER in black and white executions. These iterations of the legendary 1980s running shoe are contrasted by bright yellow detailing, down to a cheeky black PUMA cat stitched over a yellow CHINATOWN MARKET label on the tongue. Topping it off, both versions come packaged in a special box that matches their color.

The capsule collection will be out on PUMA.comTHECHINATOWNMARKET.comEND and size?
Retailing at £100