Ladies and Fellas…

If the sexual-sounding title didn’t captivate you, I know I have your full undivided attention when I mention the “L” word… No, not Love! but a close second.. Louboutins! From reality shows to rap songs, it appears that Christian Louboutins, the shoe with the red sole have dominated the shoe-game! Though this is stating the obvious, it only hit me harder when I was at a Young Jeezy concert with the beau. Upon the rapper’s entrance to the stage, the beau says “he is wearing Louboutins.. thats hard”.  For a guy to comment on the shoes before I even had a chance to look down at his feet, Thats what’s up!

It’s crazy that now the red soles are everywhere! I remember when I first got mine, I wore them absolutely everywhere. While my supermodel silhouette came at the cost of painful shoe-icide, it was worth it when I was complimented and admired by fellow fashionistas for having these exclusive bad-boys. I now find that having seen/heard/read about them everywhere, it no longer screams out that unique ooh-la-la to me anymore. Matter of fact, I receive more compliments for my non-Loubie shoes for their style and design, while rejected with “yawns” and “bore” when I have decided to wear Louboutins on the odd occasion.

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Who’s to blame though? If you ask me, I now think of the TOWIE girls or Rick Ross when I think of the brand, not the design/beauty/fit of the shoe. It seems that the world and their mum has got a pair, while the others are aspiring for some – for example my friend who finally got her first pair the other day started squealing and twerking in excitement as she put them on then gushed “I don’t even like the design – just the red sole!” Crazy that we are so in love with the back of the shoe and what that represents rather than the craftsmanship of a fine shoemaker!


I then ask this…have the Loubies lost their exclusivity to you or are you still in love? Is it now standard to have a pair of red soles in the closet? Would you still buy a pair or would you rather spend the money elsewhere? So tell me… What are your views on the red-soles? Who is your favorite shoes designer?  Leave your comments below!

Words: writer Penelope Persia.

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