KNOWN – UK Streetwear



Since UK streetwear is evolving faster than ever before, their are numerous brands that have committed themselves to ensuring that urban British fashion is able to contend with some of the best brands in the world. KNOWN clothing has recently surfaced as one of those trailblazing collectives.

With a mix if clothing, accessories and headwear KNOWN has had numerous collaborations with other retailers and influential people who are current within the Urban UK scene. Most recently the brand has teamed up with grime star D-Double-E for a capsule collection, plus the brand paired up with sneaker freak brand Airmax Always for a capsule that celebrated Nike Air Max Day earlier this year. KNOWN have just released their high fashion 2014 collection so, go check out some of their garms via their online flagship, plus take a look at what’s hot below.

Words: Emily Munns








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