Ichiban- Ironic UK Fashion


This year we have seen the rise in popularity for art inspired apparel within the UK fashion market, including individual brands take on Renaissance pieces and Biblical prints. Ichiban is renowned for refining what is current with their own authenticity using elements of irony within their clothing collections. One item that displays this is the now available “Last Supper” T-Shirt pictured above, which takes the infamous Leonardo Di Vinci painting and converts it to a very contemporary, hip-hop inspired item. Another example of this is the Ichiban “Jordan Christ” Sweatshirt, with a church window inspired print, these pieces also display vivid colour use within quality made designs that will not fade out after the first wash. You can check out the whole collection in their online storehttp://www.ichibanclothing.com/ They are also stocked in Urban Outfitters, Foot Asylum and on ASOS.ichiban


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