G Frsh ft Sonny Reeves ‘Hardest Part’


Gfrsh is a UK rapper that is very comfortable in his own skin, making no secret of his educational success the rapper has gone on to make massive waves across the UK underground rap game with various cyphers, fire in the booths and industry collabs, always a creative person Gfrsh has been in control of most of his visuals, his own styling and even has a clothing label, his music always shows growth and progression and his bars let you know that his outlook on life compliments his music.

‘Hardest Part’ lets us know that Gfrsh is human and that his relationships are complicated just like everyone elses. The visuals are exactly what you would expect from the more mature rapper, an inspiration for more UK artists to try to stamp their own personalities and lifestyles on their videos instead of becoming drones and clones.

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