1. YOUR NEWEST SNEAKERS- We’ve all done it, bought the freshest kicks going and just been so tempted to wear them to a festival. Forgetting that this is England and regardless of it being the middle of July there is a 90% chance of Hurricane Katrina hitting, leaving your latest purchase looking like nothing more than blocks of mud on your feet, never to be worn again.


2.SHORTS THAT LEAVE NOTHING TO THE IMAGINATION- Now we all love a nice pair of shorts, but do we really need to see your entire ass hanging out the bottom? This is not stylish (regardless of how many times you get wolf whistled), this is attention seeking, and bad attention seeking at that. As much as showing a bit of flesh in the Summer months is fully acceptable, having your entire backside hanging out of a pair of Levis shorts is not.

fatttt hotpants

3. YOUR FAVOURITE SUNGLASSES- Now everyone and their mum owns a pair of Ray Bans nowadays, but aren’t sunglasses the easiest things to lose? Not forgetting that for some reason, complete strangers seem to find it perfectly acceptable to take your shades off your face in the middle of a rave/ festival, then disappear into the night never to be seen again, leaving you sunglass-less.


4. ANYTHING WHITE- With all the sweating, mud, alcohol spillages and that random guy that just starts throwing bits of food into the crowd, it is completely inevitable that you are probably going to come back looking a little less fresh than when you got there, so anything white, especially white jeans/ trousers is just asking for it. Save yourself the pain of having to spend the next day hungover, scrubbing off stains with Vanish Oxy Action and leave white at home.


5. BAGS THAT ARE EASY TO OPEN- Unfortunately their are thieves in the world, many of which also like festivals, and I’m sure we all know somebody that has been a victim of pick pocketing. Save yourself the drama and get a bag you cant just easily unzip. Bum bags are a great alternative or ones you have to untie.



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