AAA – An Exhibition of Grime Photography by Vicky Grout – Exclusive Recap

Vicky Grout

Vicky Grout has been a name on every Grime artist, upcoming fashion brand and Fashion PR’s lips for the last two years. This young upcoming female photographer, who is self taught, has been attending raves, chilling with artists that are friends and jumping on projects, steadily gaining a reputation as someone who brings images to life. Having recently shot the Skepta front cover image with Timeout Magazine and a whole host of other golden moments in the Grime scene Vicky put together a photography exhibition with the help of her friends Basement Approved at Hoxton Gallery last weekend. The four day exhibition was open to the public so our team passed by and captured the vibes. A solo exhibition showcasing hard work and passion is something that we at Trapped 100% support and promote, this type of creative expression should be allowed to hold a space in any art gallery in the world, congrats to Vicky and we can’t wait to see what will be the next move for ever expanding UK photography culture.


Check out the imagery below.

Photography: James Hanna – @jmz_UK


IMG_8560 IMG_8576 IMG_8571 IMG_8587 IMG_8594 IMG_8596 IMG_8623 IMG_8624 IMG_8629 IMG_8603 IMG_8639 IMG_8632 IMG_8645

IMG_8563 IMG_8557


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