Donald Trump claps back at Snoop Dogg

On Sunday Snoop Dogg released a video for his remix of jazz band Badbadnotgood’s Lavender. Snoop used Lavender as a political statement against the police and the nations president Donald Trump; or Ronald Klump as the video calls him.

In the video we see Snoop Dogg “shoot” Mr Klump, which unsurprisingly sent the internet ablaze; strangely it has taken Trump a few days to muster a response. The social media loving president took to twitter to address Snoop Dogg’s video

The president elect refers to Snoop Dogg’s career as failing. On top of this Trump tells us the reaction would be very different had it been Obama staring down the barrel of the gun instead of himself. Trump never mentions the fact that the gun was fake, or the satirical outlook the video offers as everyone is dressed like a clown.

You can watch the video above and make your own mind up as to how offensive Snoop Dogg’s statement is.