Corleone Gives us Some ‘Real Rap’ for 2019


Lewisham OG rapper Corleone has yet to hit that peak of consistency with his music that can push him through to the heights of the UK music scene that other less skilled rappers are enjoying now, however when the lyricist drops a track you can always guarantee substance and authenticity. Corleone’s latest offering ‘Real Rap’ picks up where fellow Lewisham Rappers D Block Europe Left off with their 2018 track ‘Nassty’, promoting licking pussy and being Nassty with the ladies. ‘Bang broads in back doors, my gangs gory, you nigga’s say you don’t eat pussy your gangs, boring’ would have been a hugely controversial verse at one time in UK street culture but it seems to be less of a thing in 2019, will this be the start of more prominent figures within the UK scene rapping about their intimate pastimes? Who knows.

Check out ‘Real Rap’ on all streaming platforms.