Converse Aero Jam ‘Grandmama’


Converse have answered our prayers this week by re-releasing the Converse Aero Jam ‘ Grandmama sneaker. The original trainer was released all the way back in 1992 When Larry Johnson wore them on court and in hit TV series ‘Family Matters’, and since then they have been relatively quiet. Converse instead focused on their classic baseball designs. The boom in popularity of basketball sneakers means that Converse have decided to bring them back. The silhouette features a cushioning and support system called REACT juice in the heel and around the back of the ankle and have a white base. The first two colourways to be released are all American, white, blue and red and black turquoise and purple. These offer the basketball look with that retro feel, but with something different. These are out now available from Footlocker.

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Words by Adnan Chebib

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