Colette Is Now Selling Yeezy Jewellery

Colette seems to be still going strong after announcing their closure. This hasn’t stopped them from teasing us with fresh selection of YEEZY jewellery that Kanye West has made with Jacobs & Co.

Much to our surprise, the jewellery carries the theme of religion decorated in religious iconography. Well, I never. The collection has taken inspiration from 14th-century Florentine art, which is depicted on the pendency of the necklaces. The collection also features a ring embellished with “This is a God Dream”, referencing the lyrics from his track “Ultralight Beam” off  Yeezy’s Life of Pablo album.

The jewellery has been designed in partnership with the YEEZY season 4. The collection is said to be extravagantly priced, with pieces starting at $2,490 USD and going up to $16,593 USD for pieces such as the “Madonna and Child” necklace.

All the pieces can be purchased at colette’s online store.

Words: Max Carey – @MaximusCarey