We don’t usually feature anything thats hot in the snack world, but for this chewing gum we had to make an exception, this is about to be a game changer. Blockhead is an energy gum, yeah that’s right gum!, forget carrying around bulky cans and all that sipping and slurping, this is a minty gum that you start chewing and it helps you to continue dancing like a maniac for those crucial couple more hours.

Blockhead’s absorption rate is five times more effective than an Energy drink, free from sugar and calories and takes only 5 minutes to start filling you with energy, whether you need that extra boost for a gym workout, are falling asleep at work or like us want to rave until the early hours this is the chewing gum for you.

Blockhead is available in Mint flavour from all Co-op stores.

To find out more check out their website.


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