Beautifully Said debuts new collection titled “In the end, it’s all love”


Thierry Tek, Creative Director of Beautifully Said, is back with another love letter to Fashion and Martial Arts, debuting the brand’s Spring-Summer ’24 collection.

Inspired by love and romance, the London-based label continues to promote “self-love” and “inner beauty”, through designs that are aiming to make you feel as confident as a fighter stepping into the ring on fight night. Titled “In the end, it’s all love”, the collection features statement pieces that take inspiration from traditional Muay Thai and other forms of combat sport, disciplines in which having “the heart of a warrior” and “respect towards others” are the most important elements.

First shown during Paris Fashion Week in June 2023, this collection displays a romantic duality between streetwear oriented looks and more sophisticated silhouettes, that shows that the two can co-exist and tell a beautiful story.

Tek went out of his comfort zone to imagine the pieces born this season, to elevate the brand’s positioning from the first collection, released back in February 2023, while still building a strong foundation of Beautifully Said’s DNA and what it stands for.

With this collection launching during Men’s Mental Health month, the brand wants to create more awareness on the subject and the importance of self-belief in our continuous pursuit of a better version of ourselves.

Beautifully Said’s Spring-Summer ’24 collection is now available on