AJ Tracey Shells Down on “Blacked Out” Video

AJ Tracey’s work rate never drops. The Ladbroke Grove star is back again with another video, entitled “Blacked Out” featuring production of Sir Spyro.

Directed by Mornix, the video sees AJ rapping in front of flashing laser lights and smoke which give off a eerie, edgy feeling to the video. A AJ song isn’t complete without witty bars such as “I’m not second but I am top two” and “Now you wear tracksuits, listening to ‘That’s Not Me’ / But we all know that’s not you”.

To follow the video, AJ also dropped a full track list of his upcoming EP ‘Secure The Bag’ which also includes recent single ‘LA4AWEEK’, will feature productions from Nyge, Sir Spyro, Keanu, Misogi, Pre-Order here. He also dropped dates for his upcoming ‘Secure The Bag’ headline tour.

Take a watch of the video below. This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy.