The transition from secure student life to the pandemonium of the adult working world can be daunting, as the competition for jobs is greater than ever. The feared concept of being refused a job due to lack of experience has resulted in many graduates seeking the opportunity to undertake an unpaid internship. Research shows that 52% of employers will not even offer candidates an interview, if they have no previous experience. 

An unpaid internship is allowed for typically 1 to 3 months before it is deemed illegal. however GOV.uk has stated, “If an intern is classed as a worker, then they’re normally due the National Minimum Wage”. Meaning; if you are working fixed hours and actively benefitting a business – you have the right to be paid. Many interns are unknowingly working illegally as victims of modern day slavery.


On the plus side, unpaid internships can give you a chance to gain knowledge and skills in your chosen industry as well as potentially bagging a permanent at he end of it.

As students we are frustrated that businesses undermine Uni graduates that have put in 3 years of hard graft into their degrees; not forgetting that they are also neck deep in student debts that need to be repaid. To be taken advantage of is totally unjust as well as illegal.

Our advice, is to find out your employment status, know your rights, and ask; if you don’t ask, you won’t get; in the dog-eat-dog world of work. Also research alternative options like working for charity organisations or voluntary work which also can give you experience, on your terms and available hours.

Words: Sanna Hamaseid

Beastin Fall/Winter 2014 “Season Opener vs. Year of the Beast” Lookbook


Beastin are gaining are a popular following outside of their home base of Munich because of their consistency and the themes behind each collection, Their AW14 “Season Opener vs. Year of the Beast,” collection is inspired by their youth spent playing basketball and the heroes they admired, dressed in b-ball shorts and clothing. The Lookbook shows off monochromatic hoodies and sweat shorts boldly covered with Beastin logos old and new, the collection also includes headwear and sweatpants with sealed zips. you can take a closer look at the collection on their online store.

beastin-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-9-300x450 beastin-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-14-300x450 beastin-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-17-300x450 beastin-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-15-300x450 beastin-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-18-300x450 beastin-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-2-300x450 beastin-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-12-300x450

Banksy Proves He Hasn’t Been Arrested, Puts Up New Piece in Bristol


Rumours have been rife over the last 24 hours that elusive and highly respected Street Artist Banksy was arrested with four other people in Hertfordshire and that his identity was revealed to the public by police. Banksy has silenced the rumour mill immediately by putting a fresh piece at the Albion Dockyard in Bristol.

The piece is Based on Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer’s masterwork Girl with a Pearl Earring. Showing Banksy’s love for using his surroundings within his art to deliver a more powerful and convincing message, the street artist painted around a bright yellow alarm box and named the piece ‘The Girl with the Pierced Eardrum’. Banksy also injected humour into the piece with a tongue-in-cheek reference to the burger van opposite the piece, with the caption “Gallery cafe open Monday to Sunday 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.”

The controversial pieces by painted by Banksy never fail to get reactions from the public and local authorities, with one of his latest pieces, the Art Buff, being vandalised with a penis and another the ‘Birds of a feather’ piece being removed by Clacton on Sea council for being offensive.

banksy-proves-he-hasnt-been-arrested-puts-up-new-piece-in-bristol-02-960x640 banksy-proves-he-hasnt-been-arrested-puts-up-new-piece-in-bristol-03-960x640



Harvey Nichols has added 22 new designers to their contemporary menswear designers section, including Been Trill, Trapstar Redline, Hood by Air and many more our photographers were down at their Launch  to check em all out and also get a look at what styles were being rocked at the party by the guests.

Photography: Ellen Miller

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ONE TO WATCH! Brighton-born singer Sam Tompkins has released his second original track ‘Long Time Before.’ The seventeen year old has already been featured on SBTV and it’s no wonder why. Sam Tompkins’s falsetto is unforgettable and he has all the ingredients it has to go to the top.  At times you can still sense the rawness but the seventeen-year-old has a massive future in music if he keeps on coming out with pop hits like this. You may already have heard of Sam Tompkins through his acoustic cover of ‘Drunk In Love’. The Brighton singer showed how assured his artistry at such a tender age, seamlessly combining Beyonce’s smash hit with Drake’s ‘The Motion’. Tompkins is one to watch for the future. 

Words: Henry Ofori