Interview with UK Rappers RASCALS

Originating from Bow East London, this group have always been heavily involved in music. Previously referred to as Lil’ Rascals they released ‘Lil’ and ‘the launch vol.2’. Now the boys have matured into ‘Rascals’ with a recording and publishing deal with Universal, and have just released their EP ‘So High’ showcasing their new musical direction.

Influences of Soul and Hip-Hop provide the basis of their new signature sound. From the lyrical genius of ‘So High’ to the soulful and thought-provoking ‘War Outside’ and the dancehall inspired ‘Ring The Alarm’ feat Sizzla, the ‘So high’ EP marks the new sound of The Rascals.

We got a chance to sit down

How did the four of you meet?

Kay Willz: We grew up together, in E3, we were in a group called the Mucky Clubs

Big Shizz: Mucky Club was group of 20 guys from the area older’s and younger. The three of us took the rapping a bit more seriously than the others. We met Kay and brought him along, he brought the singing aspect to the group. From then we have just been working

Has the East end provided much influence on your music?

Kay Willz: Yes definitely. Being from the heart of grime, and seeing people like Dizzy Rascal, Wiley, Roll Deep and Tinchy, we saw them on another level.

Big Shizz: There was a culture that made us, we caught the culture at an early age, I have never felt gravitated to something before.

How would you describe your musical sound?

Kay Willz : Indie, Hip Hop, musical alternative, new sound

Tempz: Fresh

What do you think makes you guys different from the rest?

Big Shizz: Being ourselves, having a new sound that people around us appreciate, we are trying to take the music scene to a whole different level, cancelling the way people see us, as UK artist. We don’t want to be ticked in a box.

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What is Class 90?

It’s our company, it’s our lifestyle, the year we were all born, we have hats and t-shirts. The first thing we done was put out a mix-tape called Class 90, it was only right.

What is the message behind ‘So high’?

Tempz: Being positive, having hurdles that you come across that tries to knock you down. 

Kay Willz : In whatever situation you’re in, being positive is the outcome is being positive in whatever outcome it is.

Big Shizz: I’ll add that it’s about staying high, staying on top of things.

How did the collaboration with Sizzla come about?

Big Shizz: We were working on the album, and when the song came up we thought Sizzla would be the correct person to bring that vibe. We went to the label and suggested we wanted Sizzla on the track, but they were hesitant. With the help of management, Sizzla’s manager got in touch with us within four days and we were so grateful that he is on our track.

What can we expect from the rascals for the rest of the year?

Great music, enjoying ourselves. We had the release of So High EP June 15th and the album will be coming out later on in the year.

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The Carnival Special – Carnival After Party – XOYO


What: Carnival after party


When: Sunday 24th August: 9pm-3am

Where: XOYOs

With the Carnival countdown in full effect, string vests are being dusted off and people have their rum at the ready. Many have been anticipating this bank holiday weekend all year and now that the time is almost here, you need to ensure you make the most of it.

YOUR MUM’S HOUSE has teamed up with American Apparel to bring the ultimate Notting Hill Carnival after party to Shoreditch’s popular XOYO.

Expect a solid line up of bass, hip hop, garage and house DJs as well as live performances cranking up the carnival vibes. To make the night even more special there will be a ton of American Apparel giveaways. This is not one to be missed!


It may be Your Mum’s House but no one’s on their best behavior! Get your tickets here

Words: Rebecca Tyson


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Adidas Exclusive – ‘LONDON ZX FLUX’

adidas Originals London ZX Flux - image 5

With the anticipation of the official launch of their new London flagship store, Adidas are causing much excitement, and are celebrating this event with the release of their exclusive ‘Adidas London ZX FLUX’.

Embracing London culture, this limited edition ZX FLUX silhouette features a distinct satellite view of London printed over the entire shoe, bound by the signature image of the River Thames running throughout the exterior.

This design will be available at the new Adidas flagship for a limited time and extremely limited stock.

Words: Nateisha Scott

adidas Originals London ZX Flux - image 1

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Princess Nyah – new single ‘CHAMPION’

Working closely with, Miami Producer, ‘Llama Beats’ Princess Nyah has delivered another massive hit ‘CHAMPION’ due for release September 10th.

This track commands your attention with the intermittent horns and the modern day symphony combined with a dirty bassline and showcases the firm yet feminine vocals of Princess Nyah.

Click here to view ‘Champion’ on Youtube listen on Soundcloud and keep up with Princess Nyah on Twitter

Words: Chenade James

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Interview with Adam Claridge – Sneaker Customiser

Image of Air Jordan III Powder Blue

Adam Claridge started out customizing Timberlands and Adidas Stan Smiths with marker pens. He then decided to master his creativity and artistic skills by studying Art and Graphic Design at college and university.

Age 26, with a degree, and much experience behind him Adam has established himself as an artist for just under a year now, painting trainers and portraits on canvas, but has gradually moved back into customizing sneakers over the past few months. We get to know more about Adam’s inspirations, achievements and artistic style.

Where does your inspiration come from?

“I’m constantly out looking for inspiration. I make sure I take a day off work every week to get outside and soak up some culture. I’m lucky enough to live in London – It’s such a vibrant city and a perfect place to get inspired. We also live in an Internet age. So for me looking through blogs can be just as beneficial.”

What would you say is your biggest achievements thus far?

“I was recently asked by Vogue to customize a high heel for them. It was something completely different for me, but was an amazing experience. It will be featured in their October Issue wish I’m super excited about!”

What is the next step for you and what is your ultimate goal?

“ I’m working on something very exciting at the moment – can’t elaborate on it too much but lets just say customizing trainers is just the beginning. But a collaboration with a designer would also be amazing!”

What makes you stand out from the other competition out there?

“I would say my level of detail and originality. Customizing trainers isn’t something new; it’s been around for years. However it’s becoming very stale. Everyone’s block colouring their shoes! – There’s nothing original about painting a black trainer red.”

How would you describe your artistic style?

“I love using bright colours in all my designs! Especially for the summer months. My artistic style is all about detail. I reckon I may have OCD – I can’t rush anything I do and It literally has to be perfect or I’ll start again.”

Words: Chenade James

Image of Nike Huarache 'Roses'

Image of Air Force One - Roses


Image of Roshe - Roses

Image of Air Force One 'Inked'

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