Top Raving Destinations Outside of the UK 2014

Summer Destinations 2014

You know the feeling; when summer rolls round, you and your mates will plan an epic holiday but it doesn’t always come to fruition. But why not round up your friends and get a last minute deal before the summer months are out!



Ibiza still reigns supreme as the main party destination for people in the UK. With large clubs such as Pasha, Space and Amnesia playing everything from Dub-step to Garage, Ibiza is the perfect destination for thrillseekers, party animals and anyone looking for a good time.



In this list, Bulgaria is definitely the up and comer of all the destinations. Being not as well known as the others, it means that you wont be waiting hours for clubs but still have the large venues and epic beaches. If looking to go to Bulgaria, check out Sunny Beach, a large strip of clubs that will keep you up in the early hours.



Kos is definitely the liveliest of the Greek islands, hosting a wide plethora of nightclubs and bars for all musical tastes. With two major strips, the streets are lined with the best bars and clubs you can find in town and wild parties take place almost every night. Clubs to check out include Hush, Status and X.



Croatia is rapidly becoming a hot spot for tourists with numbers rising every year. This is largely in part with Croatia playing host to large festivals Outlook and Dimensions. However, the nightlife matches up and tourist areas such as Novajia host 24 hour parties on the beach so there is always something to do. With performances from Tiesto, Martin Garrix and David Guetta expected in the next few months, Croatia may be the one for you.

Words: Nathan Tuft

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Uniform Experiment x Alpha Industries 2014 Fall/Winter Leather MA-1




The well-known brand Uniform Experiment have teamed up with Alpha Industries to put together the AW14 MA-1 bomber jacket for the upcoming season. The specialists have created the white and black version bomber jacket for the winter months. Alongside their lookbook consisting of duffel coats and jumpers, the bomber jacket sets itself apart with an all white exterior and bold orange polyester lining and pockets, the jacket contrasts the SS14 version as it takes on a more larger and chunkier form. The jacket is available from the Uniform Experiment’s website with more details on their latest collection.

Words: Nateisha Scott

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PUMA Wilderness Pack: Blaze of Glory ‘jungle’ & Disc Blaze ‘Mountain’


Mail Attachment 3

size?‘ x Puma’s successful “Wilderness Pack” collection has released two new silhouettes, the ‘Jungle’ and the Disc Blaze Mountain’. Despite being part of a pack both sneakers have their own identities. inspiration for the ‘Blaze of Glory’ came from the Amazonian jungle, its forestation and wild inhabitants. This sneaker is built to last, able to endure the harshest of terrain’s and weather conditions. Its sandwich mesh base layer provides breathability in humid weather. The secondary suede layer acts as a carpet like moss. And the tough rubberised waterproof leather provides shelter in torrential rain.

The ‘Disc Blaze’ on the other hand is designed to endure tough landscapes, inspired by mountain terrains. The design features a heavy waxed canvas upper, showing off battle scars from tackling the wilderness. Evergreen trees were the inspiration for the front of the shoe which has an ice-green cage unit. Its brown sole signifies trampled branches and bark found in the forest, whilst the speckled mid-sole represent a looming blizzard. The PUMA x size? ‘Wilderness Pack’ Blaze of Glory Jungle & Disc Blaze Mountain drops on Saturday, August 2 at 8:00am online.

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Words: Chenade Ashley

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Crepe City 11 Recap – The Sneakers and Style


We love crepe city for the vibe the venue and all of the amazing people that come to buy and sell at the UK’s Biggest sneaker festival, but  our favorite thing that we all go there for is the Sneakers!! here’s some of the sneakers we loved on peoples feet and on the stalls and also some of the fashion we liked.

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This weekend saw the return of the UK’s biggest Sneaker Festival, Crepe City to East London’s creative venue the Truman Brewery off of Brick Lane, The Sneaker head Mecca was as usual a Hive of buzzing activity from when the doors opened just after eleven all the way through, to 6pm. The team definitely chose the right venue for space, which allowed everyone to spend a lot more time socialising and networking compared to previous events where everything was a little more cramped.

The Sneaker selection available was crazy  as usual! a lot of Jordans and Airmax’s which always makes us smile as well as Saucony’s Asics Puma adidas and Ewings, the most notable stalls we visited were Sole Believer, Prime 030, Size 8 UK, and Footballa, all of these guys were friendly and very knowledgeable about the sneaker game which is what the day is about for us making friends and finding out even more about a culture that has been around for 30 years. The Sneakers that we saw on peoples feet were amazing and diverse you can see more in our pics,

As well as sneakers and sneakerheads at Crepe City the Festival also helped showcase UK fashion brands such as High Spirit, Hubert and Calvin and Blue Cheese clothing, for those hungry belly’s Dub Plate crew had the Carribean food on deck and anyone interested in taking away a small reminder of their day could choose from Sneaker Paintings and ketches, Key Chains, Laces, Sneaker Cleaners and more, the Crepe City team are definitely listening to their feedback and making each event bigger and better than before the only serious tip we can give they guy’s is sort the A.C out lads it was like a green house!

Photography: John Gribben & Gordon Sheppy (@flashspacey)

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