Zalando, Europe’s leading online fashion retailer, brings to life what it means to express yourself through fashion with its new streetwear campaign “It’s what you do. Or Don’t”. In a series of urban films, a group of charismatic streetwear personalities appear in unexpected situations, mix and matching Zalando streetwear to show liberation through fashion.  Personalities include including Jean-Jacques N’djoli, Joël Kurasinski and Linnea Öhlund.

The campaign amplifies Zalando’s purpose to reimagine fashion for the good of all, with a loud, fun, and highly personal celebration of differences – the pursuit of individual expression, to the rhythm of the street. The ideas of mixing and matching your own way and creating unique combinations like no one else, create unique fashion statements that are individual, liberating and democratic.

The cast also reflects the diversity within streetwear and sneakerheadsParisian Jean-Jacques N’djoli with his colourful Instagram profile and impeccable sense of style, Berlin street fashionista and sneaker collector Dilan KolkilicSwedish model Linnea Öhlund known for her street savvy, model-off-duty lookand the master /pic up any resof over the top mixing and matching Joël Kurasinski from Valencia. 

The campaign was created in collaboration with Stockholm-based creative agency ACNE, and has been photographed by Vitali Gelwich, a Berlin based artist and fashion photographer, known for his raw documentary style and organic mix of high fashion and street culture. Stockholm based director Daniel Wårdh is a Vans sponsored skateboarder who combines the attitude and tempo of street culture with his passion for music and fashion. Stylist Corey Stokes is a super influencer and art director, stylist and fashion editor.