Young M.A Has Directed an Adult Film For Pornhub


Young M.A, the New York  rapper,  famous for her 2016 single “OOOUUU,” has directed an adult film for Pornhub’s new “Visionaries Director’s Club” series. The lesbian film is called “The Gift,” and features seven women. In a behind-the-scenes clip   Young M.A mentions that the film was part of her Herstory EPwhich came out in April 2017. She also explains that the film tells the story of a girl who wanders through a mansion on her birthday, finding “paradise” in various rooms.

The “Visionaries Director’s Club” is intended to “diversify porn production” and create content aimed specifically at Pornhub’s female viewership. “The Gift” will be the first film directed and written by a rapper on the site.

Watch a trailer for the film below: