We love games consoles and everyone in the office has been talking about this and trying to find out how to pre-order one, it is the Xbox 1.

The Sleek squared off console , a new controller, and a new more accurate voice activation Kinect system are just a few of the updates you can expect to see to the iconic gaming system. The Xbox 1  can be turned on by simply saying “Xbox on”, haha now when the girlfriends try to hide the controllers to get that quality time you can sit back and smile as the Xbox comes to life without it. Another major improvement is that you no longer have to wait for game updates before being able to continue, they are done automatically and whilst you play. You’re able to watch live TV, watch movies, and surf the internet on the Xbox 1. You can switch seamlessly via voice control from TV, to games, to music, all centered on the Xbox 1. As well as all of that the controller has been changed dramatically with a 100 plus changes and  you can make and receive Skype calls.



Look out for the release later this year. Are you an Xbox fan? Leave us a comment.

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