Wretch 32 Feeds the Whole of Tottenham


We love Stories of giving and acts of charity all year round but at Xmas it means just that little bit more, as so many people will go without while the world celebrates. Wretch 32 showed that he hasn’t forgotten where he comes from by messaging fans on Instagram: “As a way of saying Merry Xmas to my hometwon of Tottenham myself and my renowned team have made all meals at my favorite carribean food shop ‘Too Sweet’ free today. Make sure you pop in and get a plate. I know it’s a small thing but it’s one of many things we will try and do to say thank you as your support means the world to myself and everyone at @renownedgroup”.

The offer was taken up by hundreds of Tottenham residents and everyone got a meal.

We wanna hear of all charity acts made this year by people, leave your comments below with a Twitter/instagram contact or email.

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