Wes Nelson features on this week’s episode of Spotify’s Who We Be TALKS_

Who We Be Talks

This weeks Who We Be TALKS_ episode features vocalist and songwriter Wes Nelson. Podcast hosts Harry Pinero and Henrie are joined by Wes to discuss his latest single ‘See Nobody’ featuring Hardy Caprio, his split from Love Island’s Arabella and turning down big TV deals to focus on his music career. The full episode can be found here.

Wes on being proud of releasing his music:

I went to McDonalds yesterday, I went through the drive thru and this guy said ‘Yo, I fucking loved your song, bro this is amazing!’ and it was the first time that I’ve been out and about and people have commended me for something that I’ve been really proud about. Obviously properties, people don’t know about that so they’re not going to come up to me about that, but music…people come up to me like ‘Oh my god I fucking love your song’, ‘It’s amazing’, ‘Keep doing what you’re doing’.

Wes on his split with Arabella:

When I split up with Arabella , it was so funny people were like ‘Are you going to put a story up?’, I was like, let me just take a step back from what you’ve just asked me? You’ve just asked me if I am going to put up a post because I’ve split up with someone. I was just thinking, this is the most stupid shit. People really expect and think you owe them an apology for not putting up a story about splitting up.

Wes on turning down TV deals to focus on his music:

What I’ve always wanted to do is music, because I’ve turned down my biggest financial year on TV, period. Like there was some stupid, stupid, stupid, big things that I could have done this year. And I’ve turned them all down. And I turned them down blind at the start of lockdown. And I said, I want to do music, my manager was like, what the fuck? And I turned it all down blind and then we went into lockdown, did 15 to 20 hours a day, just writing, recording, writing, recording songs, and then I was talking to Krept, and I was asking him about See Nobody… And then he was like, bro, send me that song it’s sick. And I sent it on WhatsApp. And then two weeks later, he put a tweet out like this guy from Love Island and my jaw dropped. And then things started to ripple, people started to ask me questions and then I just went HAM and I started fucking making songs every day.