We are now Trapped Magazine

    Trapped Magazine


    Yesterday we changed the domain to www.trappedmagazine.com making finding us on search engines a whole lot easier.  You may also have noticed that our social networks are now all the same, this is because we are now an official Lifestyle Magazine.

    (Trapped the hard copy is in the final stages of production, look out for that release!) As a Lifestyle magazine using print and online medias we want to bring you the latest news and updates from the world that we live in and love, this includes Fashion, Creativity of all kinds, Music and Sports, as well as introducing you to Britains underground talent and creativity, Breaking all the traps and preconceptions of whats popular or acceptable in the eyes of the mainstream media.


    Thank you to everyone for supporting us and following our journey from a blog to a magazine and we are gonna reward you guys with competitions, exclusive news and more!

    Look out for the team repping and promoting at loads of events across the UK  this year such as Crepe City 2013, Streetfest and London Carnival 2013.


    Trapped Magazine.

    Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter at: Trapped magazine/ @trappedmagazine.

    (Look out for our Instagram and Tumblr coming soon as well)



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