Urban Nerds- Music X Streetwear


Urban Nerds was first established in 2007 as an underground, London based rave night with the aim to integrate the various popular music genres from dubstep and grime to reggae and drum and bass. Since then they have grown significantly into one of the most popular rave events, holding nights at Fabric, selling out warehouse raves and even going further afield to Snowbombing, which is the largest ski and snowboarding event in Europe. They have now expanded their talents onto the urban streetwear scene with a range of apparel including beanies, caps, t-shirts and sweats, all featuring an eye catching, signature logo which is available in a variety of different designs, some featured below. Check out the whole range and get all the information about their up and coming events at http://www.urban-nerds.com/

urban nerd good grid


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