Up and Coming Brands – Biggest Mistakes



COPYING LOGOS- Can somebody explain to me why its okay to copy other more popular brands logos? Can we PLEASE leave the Supreme box logo alone for five minutes? You are 100% setting yourself up for failure. What people want when buying from the unknown is originality, something exclusive. Ripping off a logo is basically saying “Hello, we’re new, find us on a knock of clothes stall in Shepherds Bush Market”.


SELLING OUT- Now a lot of the time, selling out gets completely confused with brand progression, obviously through time brands will collaborate and try different things, this is a good thing. However completely changing the direction, style and design of your clothing line to match everyone else is not so cool. It’s important to have a vision that gets your message across and the personality of your brand, stick with your own style and adapt it, don’t change everything and become another clone.


HAVING NO IDENTITY OF YOUR OWN- Yes renaissance and baroque prints were popular for a while, great. Originally taken from high end fashion brands such as Versace and adopted by newer brands to match the demand, not thinking that this is really a dying breed of design. The important thing here is not to take something that everyone else is doing just because its selling at the time, how are you going to set yourself apart if I can google your print and find that six other brands have released the same one? If your doing something on trend keep integral to your brand, people will respect it more.


QUANTITY OVER QUALITY- So you stuck your branding on 250 different colours of t-shirt? Yes your website looks packed full of items, but its all the same, larger brands get away with this because inevitably people are paying to wear their logo/ adopt their lifestyle, but it doesn’t work if you are relatively unknown. Try adding some finer detailing or something signature to your items other than branding, that extra bit of effort is so appreciated.


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