Uni Life is the best ever but don’t forget your Health


With joining Uni, comes the seriousness of looking after yourself. Of course you want to go out, drink and have fun but it is important to remember that, before all of this your health comes first!

Excessive alcohol consumption and continuous partying can leave you feeling pretty horrendous, so make sure you pace yourself on nights out. Drinking water, before, during and after the night is seriously important! You don’t want a major outbreak of spots or even worse, “fresher’s flu!”

Eating healthy is essential too! If you live of junk food, you’re going to feel tired, lazy and pretty rubbish! So, make sure you’ve always got some fruit in the fridge or add some extra vegetables to your meals; you want to get all the vitamins you can. Remember, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”

Lastly, make sure you have registered with a local doctor and that all your vaccinations are up to date.  If you feel under the weather book an appointment; University can provide you with unwanted germs and it’s definitely better to be safe, than sorry.

Words: Raeanna Harward

freshers flu



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