South London Rapper/ Producer Danso has jumped into the UK Rap scene offering an edgy style and charismatic flow, showing that hard hitting Rap verses can fuse perfectly with dance and heavy bass-line enthused tracks. Danso caught the ears of the Mobo Awards with his new track ‘Bring Me Down’ Ft Klayz and Miss Angel and it was made the Mobo track of the Week. We got to catch up with Danso and talk to him about Music.

‘Bring Me Down’ has got the UK music scene buzzing right now, tell us the concept behind it.

The track is called bring me down, I think coming from the places where most of us have come from, council estates and what not, there’s a lot of obstacles in life that can bring you down. So this is my record saying nothing is going to stop me from achieving what I want to be in life, so, that’s pretty much it I mean yeah my struggles in there still.

You produced the beat for ‘Bring Me Down’ showing that you are a talented Producer, which talent do you think is stronger?

Do you know what? I’m always competing against myself, it’s like I always want both to be at their best, so it’s just one of those things that I’m going to continue to build on. I’m always listening to the latest rappers out like Fekky and Wretch and thinking you know what these guys are lyrically rapping hard, the punch lines are getting stronger and what not so that’s who I got to compete against. Production wise I  listen to the new producers that are coming out and I think like their beats are kicking, my shit has got to be hard as well so I’m on my job in both areas right now.

There is a lot of gritty real life content in your music but you seem to have moved on from that road life, what was your catalyst to change? 

I’m doing this for my pop’s, It was his dream, at the same time because he was a producer but he never got to live it, so yeah there’s so many reasons why I’m doing what I’m doing it’s not like because I want to be famous this is in my DNA, so yeah its real.

What can we expect from you going into 2014?

 The beginning  of next year I will be releasing my second EP and it’s got this track called ‘No other way a deep House / Grime infused track featuring Young O and Cookie, (Bashy’s sister) so I hope the record will be a smash. A real banger that’s going to take me to the summer.

‘Bring Me Down’ drops on November 17th. If you want to follow Danso and check out what he’s been upto, follow him on Twitter @OfficialDanso.


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