Trapped Magazine’s Top Fashion Brands of 2018

Top Fashion Brands

2018 saw High-Fashion brands really throw themselves into streetwear with a passion, whereas two to three years ago this list would have been mainly underground streetwear brands that had broken into the mainstream, now, it is predominately High-Fashion brands that have successfully supplied the Streetwear/Fashion demand and even dictated trends. Off-White has had an incredible year, with founder  Virgil Abloh being headhunted for Mens creative designer at Louis Vuitton as well as a host of collabs including Rimowa, Chrome Hearts, and Takashi Murakami, Prada has made an impressive comeback to the forefront of fashion and Gucci rode the chunky sneaker wave successfully.

Take a look at our list of ‘Top Fashion Brands of 2018’ selected by the team that we feel managed to navigate one of fashion’s toughest creative industries successfully.



The big homie of the Street/Skatewear game Supreme has made the list for their continuing collaboration streak which last year included Undercover, CDG Shirt, the North Face, and the New York Post. Another string to their impressive bow is their CFDA Menswear Designer of the Year Award. With the large parent company and its continuing street hype, we are excited to see what is coming next from Supreme.



Nike has to be on our list of Top Fashion Brands doe their continued foray into the fashion world via high profile collabs with Off White, Alyx, Acronym John Elliot, Comme Des Garcons, Supreme and Kith.

Nike finished off their year with a Fear of God collaboration and of course the biggest move of the year their Colin Kaepernick Campaign. The controversial choice, to have Kaepernick as the face of their 30th anniversary “Just Do It” was protested by some, praised by many, and showed that the brand was not afraid to lend a voice to vital social issues in today’s political climate.

Off White

Another no brainer for our Top Fashion Brands of 2018 list is Virgil Abloh’s Streetwear/fashion imprint Off White. The imprint Continued to dominate the footwear game with their Nike ‘The Ten’ Collaboration keeping the brand firmly on the radar of Hypebeasts and fashionistas worldwide. Other collaborations in 2018 included Rimowa, Chrome Hearts, and Takashi Murakami. The brand has attracted a huge celebrity fanbase and is, of course, stocked at every luxury shopping destination in the world making it such a strong force in fashion that its founder Virgil Abloh was scouted by Louis Vuitton to be their creative director of Menswear.

Top Fashion Brands

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton made our Top Fashion Brands of 2018 list for their bravery in accepting that the fashion landscape has changed and that Heritage Fashion Must fuse with Contemporary Style and trends if it is to be at the forefront of the Fashion Industry. The Fashion Empire Scouted Virgil Abloh as their Men’s Artistic Director and gave him the freedom to express himself. The First Collection fashion show was attended by A-list celebrities of all ages and races eager to see what the Off White on trend Designer would pull out of the hat. The result has been amazing, with contemporary silhouettes adorned with the most prestigious monogram pattern and coveted by hypebeasts, influencers and celebrities alike. This single move by a luxury fashion house has given hope to a new breed of hungry designer that their dreams and ideas can one day be realised and embraced by the top echelons of global fashion.


Top Fashion Brands


Prada is part of the UK culture of the ’90s with their footwear that formed part of cool kids school uniforms, many a teens raving shoe and the ‘Ballers’ everyday shoe of choice. then it disappeared off the Streetwear radar with the High-End international fashion audience consuming it more than anything.

2018 saw a rebirth to an extent with a return to the sneaker scene via its Cloudburst silhouette joining the chunky sneaker trend and catapulting it onto the Hypebeasts radar. Prada Fashion was a highlight of SS18 with the branded bucket hats and shoulder bags being the items of choice for streetwear lovers worldwide. the standout moment for the Italian fashion house was when Miuccia Prada received the coveted “Outstanding Achievement” prize.


Gucci has evolved seamlessly from a heritage luxury brand with runway success to a High fashion/streetwear staple with the ability to dictate trends as well as adapt to trends within as little as a month. The chunky Rhyton sneakers met the Chunky Shoe trend of 2018 nicely, keeping the hypebeasts happy and the streetwear /fashion lovers on trend. Their collaboration with Harlem OG tailor Dapper Dan cemented their marriage with underground culture and joining Beyoncé’s efforts to provide clean water to the East African country of Burundi ensured that their humanitarian image was boosted. amazing accomplishments for any fashion brand.


Top Fashion Brands


New York Sneaker Boutique Chain Kith have been producing their own clothing steadily since 2011, collaborating with lifestyle brands within Popular culture to attract new audiences and developing an impressive catalog of popular streetwear silhouettes that compliment the amazing sneaker selection offered in store. 2018 was another dope year of collaborations including Coca-Cola, Bergdorf Goodman, Mitchell & Ness. The brand has expanded on its own fashion Show offerings that display the seasonal offerings from the brands that they stock as well as their own clothing. Kith Park had movable bleachers dedicated to each big collab they have done for example Versace Adidas, Columbia, Vans and Greg Lauren. The Growth from a small boutique to a streetwear empire that is hosting fashion collabs at fashion shows, featuring NBA Superstar Allen Iverson in their campaigns is more than enough to make it to our Top Fashion Brands of 2018 list.