Top Five Onesie Brands of 2013


Onesies have taken a place in many wardrobes across the UK over the past few years, and it seems that for now their popularity is far from dying out. We have picked the top five favourite Onesie brands currently available online and in stores across the nation.

1. KIGU- A Japanese make brought over to the UK due to rise in popularity. Well known for its playful, animal costume inspired designs, Kigu Onesies cost around £39.99 each, are available onine at and also in Urban Outfitters and Selfridges.

2. OnePiece- The original Norweigan onesie collection, worn by various celebrities and available in a selection of prints. They currently have a store open in Westfield, Stratford and showcased at a number of fashion events this year incuding Clothes show live and Freeze Festival.

3.ASOS FML and Dip Dye Onesies- ASOS cater to a variety of all-in-one brands including the above, however they also brought out their own collection including the popular “FML” onesie and an alternative “Dip Dye” design available in both black and green. View online along with many more
asos ones Another online fashion brand that this year brought in both a onesie and menswear section. They have released an assortment of designs including animal, aztec, camouflage and colour blocked, prices starting at £15.00
boohoo one

5.The All In One Company UK- Established in 2008, this company was designed to cater to everyone, with the ability to create your own onesie online. Available in mens, womens and childrens sizes, you have the choice of multiple soft fabrics and add ons including pockets, hoods, tails and ears. So if you prefer to be creative, visit them at
all in company


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