Our teams Top Five Movies to watch in July


We are huge Movie fans here at the Trapped HQ so we put our heads together and came up with our top five Movies recommendations, enjoy.

1. Terminator Genysis 

According to the critics the 5th instalment in the Terminator series is to be the one that puts the rest to shame. Terminator Genysis features Arnold Schwarzenegger yet again saving the day from a vicious T1000 Terminator unit. However this time you won’t be able to wrap your heads around terminator time travel. This new movie of the story line features John Connor from the future in the form of a new terminator AKA the T3000. We also have the original duo Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor back together fighting the Terminators as well as having the original T800 (Schwarzenegger) as their protective guardian. But be prepared viewers for the one fight we’d never have seen coming as Schwarzenegger has to face off against himself from another future in a terminator vs terminator vs terminator all out battle royale that will be released on July 1st. Don’t miss out.


2. Mission impossible: Rouge Nation

If you thought 4 movies was enough then you were far from right. Tom Cruise is back as highly skilled and incredibly dangerous IMF agent Ethan Hunt in this new explosive 5th mission impossible movie. Ethan Hunt and his team must face off against a secret organisation of rogue operatives and assassins known as syndicate which seem to be Hunt’s greatest challenge yet. Released on July 31st.

3. The gallows 

Loads of horror movies have been released and remade this year and we better get ready for the latest terror to be viewed on cinema screens. The gallows is a first person view movie (like cloverfield or chronicle) where a group of teenage friends go into their school to re-stage a play that went terribly wrong, a former student (Charlie) was hung onstage as a result of a prop malfunction, now he’s out to have a little ironic fun from beyond the grave, putting these innocent teens through a hell only Charlie’s twisted mind could conjure up. Be prepared for July 10 when Charlie comes for you.

4. Antman

Marvels latest edition to their movie collection, Antman, is being released 17th July 2015 and this time big muscles is defiantly what the hero won’t be needing. Paul Radd (friends, I love you man, this is 40) plays con man Scott Lang, who is turned to the path of hero in order to help his mentor Dr. Hank Pym protect the powers that his super suit withholds from the threats of villainous people hoping to misuse the powers that Scott’s suit is capable of.

5. Pixels 

Featuring Adam Sandler (Mr deeds, Longest Yard, Bed Time Stories), Kevin James (Mall Cop, Here comes the Boom, Zoo Keeper) and Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones, Death at a Funeral, Station Agent), pixels is a movie that will make people who loved games in the 80’s wish they’d gotten better at them. When we sent our time capsule into space in the 80’s we couldn’t have imagined that aliens would take our games literally as they plot to destroy our world using some of our classic arcade games such as Pac Man, Donkey Kong and even Space Raiders. This movie will be a thrill ride for all ages when it appears on the big screen on the 24th July 

Words: Jermaine Smith 

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