TOMS Mallow™ Puff, featuring Coco Mell


TOMS launches the new Mallow™ Puff collection with a lookbook styled by and featuring London-based fashion stylist, consultant and sneaker enthusiast, Coco Mell.

The Mallow Puff lookbook, curated by Coco and shot by Meara Kallista in and around East London, marks TOMS first steps into the world of streetwear.

Inspired by the classic Alpargata, the Mallow™ Puff collection starts with a supersized 33mm sole, paired with cushy, quilted nylon uppers in shade of matte.

The Mallow Puff offers a never seen before style to those brave and daring to experiment with height, colours and textures. Coco complements her Mallow Puff with a range of styles – from leopard print, workwear style, accessorised with a staple bucket hat and anklet.

The Mallow™ Puff launches 12th August 2021, available at, and selected retailers. RRP £60.