The Sole Supplier Dropped a Sneaker & Streetwear Shops Guide On Youtube

Sole Supplier

Streetwear and sneakers go hand in hand as we know and the internet and social media is a great place to grab your drip and find out about upcoming releases, however it still doesn’t beat the act of physically shopping for your items and taking them home that physical stores offer. The Sole Supplier team went down to 13 of the best streetwear and sneaker stores in London, giving us a walkthrough tour of the new END London store, Sneakers N Stuff London and 18 Montrose in Kings Cross, as well as talking to the manager of the Presented By shop about the Sneaker consignment model that they employ. Great video content in the UK is what we need to keep up to date with our peers over in America and to push the scene forward, everyone go and check out the video and support the Sole Supplier team.

Check out the visual below.