The Show Room – Ep.1 Rough Copy, Ryan Tricks, Sebastian Thiel, Babatunde

The guys over at LINK UP TV have dropped a brand new online entertainment and lifestyle show ‘The Show Room’. The Show Room is an original production that aims to bring fresh, unique and extraordinary content to the UK entertainment world through a weekly online instalment. Hosted by UK radio and television presenter Remel London, the show promises to keep the UK urban scene updated on what’s hot. Episode 1 features Film Director Sebastian Thiel, the creator of London Live’s Trap Town Documentary , Comedian Babatunde, magician and mentalist Ryan Trick’s and X Factor’s Rough Copy will be in the building for an exclusive interview. Catch the first episode below and be sure to keep up with ‘The Show Room’ every Sunday at 4pm on Link Up TV. Words: Emily Munns Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @trappedmagazine

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