The Kobe Prelude Pack features all eight of Bryant’s signature shoes and celebrates the stories behind some of his most defining moments. This is the 3rd instalment. With an innovative, web-like upper, the Kobe Prelude III is built for premium performance. The fresco-inspired artistry sets it apart, with a story of ‘misery’ coming to life – a nod to the misery of defeat Kobe Bryant felt in a game 6 loss to Boston in the 2008 finals. The scrambled, abstract graphics are featured beneath the cage-life upper. The geometric web design also translates to the outsole for maximize traction. Eight revolutionary art movements have been paired with eight milestones in Bryant’s career to recreate each of his signature shoes. The Kobe Prelude Pack celebrates the stories behind some of Kobe’s most defining moments. Each shoe will be available in limited quantities on The Kobe Prelude III is available on Saturday, December 21.Sp14_BB_Kobe9_Prelude_Kobe_III_PROFILE_0175_large Sp14_BB_Kobe9_Prelude_Kobe_III_PAIR_0012_largeDon’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @trappedmagazine

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