The King of trainers is back to give you his weekly countdown, this week he has school us on the Top 5 trainers to cop in 2014, lets get into it:


5. The All White Nike Air Huaraches –

Unless you have been under a rock Huaraches have been killing the game for a minute, now we know what happened when the all black dropped all hell broke loose, you had people copping them left right and center like they were gold. It was a footlocker exclusive and despite the quality being rubbish, glue stains everywhere people Robocopped them again and again and this is exactly what’s going to happen with the all whites. You can catch them in Footlocker around May 1st, but be on the lookout as other online outlets may have them sooner, around April 20th.


 4. The Jordan 6 ‘Cigar & Champagne Pack’ –

Jordan 6’s are always a favorite among Jordan fans and non Jordan fans, could it be because this are the last Jordan to feature the Nike Air Logo on the heal, or could it be that this is the 1st Trainer that Jordan Won his 1st NBA final Ring in? Either way the history of the 6’s run deep and this pack defines them perfectly. This Jordan pack had the internet going nuts with Trainer Teaser pictures are going to be a massive drop for 2014.


 3. The Nike Air Raid ‘Jungle Pack’ –

This is a really serious Trainer if you know about the Raid its a Killer basketball Trainer from 1992 endorsed by Mega Trainer Addict Spike Lee back in the day when Spike was the go to guy for all Nike basketball adverts! (The Good Old Days) This Trainer has been in the wings for a minute scheduled for 2014 with pictures floating around since late 2013. With still no release yet but be sure to keep an eye out as Size? should have them in stock hopefully before summer gets in to full swing so I can rock these with my shorts.


2. The Jordan 6 Carmine

For the number 2 Slot I have to go for some more 6’s, I ain’t even gonna get into a long reason why these make the list if you know you know, but what I would like to explain is that a majority of the Jordan silhouettes that have been released in the last couple of years are not OG = Original Colourways, where I come from OG means something else but that’s another story for a different kinda site. So what I am trying to say is the Carmine 6’s were made and worn by Jordan himself at the time he was playing basketball. So for these to be Re- Retro’d in 2014 its crazy. I think the last time that happened was 14 years ago? These are special and you know Kanye made those Black 6’s Kool right! Lol! 😉 – The Jordan 6 Carmine is expected to drop on the 24th May 2014


1. The Kanye West X adidas Collection –

Lol I know alot of you are going to shoot the King down for this one but, come on you know that all you Nike heads really wanted to convert to Adidas when you heard Yezus was jumping ship.  if you are in the trainer game and love it for the culture you will want to be an owner of these. Whether you will like these or not, (and judging from recent Trainer Teasers i’m on the fence) but you would still want to be a owner of these just for bragging rights just like the Nike X Kanye Collab… I kinda wish i didn’t sell my Yeezy 2’s now but money talks and the King Loves Money – Watch out for the 1st in the Kanye X Adidas collection to drop around September.

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